2010 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Milam Minstrels/Yeager Honor Choir-CD
Group Name
Album ID - 8787-MCD

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MILAM MINSTRELS LENORA CLAYTON, DIRECTOR That’s How it Goes!/C. Gray - A Quiet, Patient Spider/S. Kupferschmid - She Sings.../A. F. Bernon - South African Suite (I. Tshotsholoza, II. Siyahamba, III. Gabi Gabi)/arr. H. H. Leck - Et In Terra Pax/M. L. Lightfoot - Clap Your Hands/S. K. Albrecht YEAGER HONOR CHOIR LISA RAI TREWIN, DIRECTOR Firefly/A. Beck - Benedictus/B. Lewis - Lightning!/G. Gilpin - Like the Beat of a Drum/J. Althouse - For Good from Wicked/S. Schwartz/arr. T. Anderson - Footloose/w: D. Pitchford and K. Loggins/m: K. Loggins/arr. T.Anderson