2009 Midwest Clinic Las Vegas Academy Philharmonic-CD
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Album ID - 8537-MCD

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BRIAN DOWNEY, ERIC MCALLISTER, AND KARL REINARZ, CONDUCTORS DR. MARK LAYCOCK, LOGAN BILES, GUEST CONDUCTORS Route 66/M. Daugherty - Calico Jack/A. Riggle - La Rejouissance from Royal Fireworks Music/G. F. Handel/arr. R. Meyer - Hobgoblin/P. Clark - Olympic Harvest (An Orchestral Overture)/M. O’Connor - Burgundian Carol/B. de la Monnoye/arr. S. Dackow - III. Rondo from Serenata Notturno, K. 239/W. A. Mozart - Old Ironsides, Champion of the Seas/J. Woolstenhulme - Colonial Song/P. A. Grainger/arr. M. Rogers - Sandstorm/A. Branchfield - II. Kräftig bewegt from Symphony No. 1/G. Mahler