2009 Texas Music Educators Association TMEA Goodson & Labay MS Boys Choirs-CD
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Album ID - 8166-MCD

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GOODSON MIDDLE SCHOOL BOYS CHOIR TABITHA GLASS, DIRECTOR Fratres in Unum/J. Leininger - I Think My Love So Fair/L. Farnell - Steal Away/American Black Spiritual/arr. B. Siltman - The Little Book Spiritual/American Spiritual/arr. D. Moore - Ständchen/F. Schubert/arr. C. Sullenberger - Battle Above the Clouds/m. V. T. Courtney/w. J. Parker - Marry a Woman Uglier Than You/Traditional Calypso from Trinidad/arr. C. D. Wilson LABAY MIDDLE SCHOOL BOYS CHOIR AMY MOORE, DIRECTOR Come Travel With Me/S. Farthing - Jubilate Deo/W. A. Mozart/arr. L. Spevacek-Avery - Gabí, Gabí/South African Praise Song/arr. W. C. Powell - Sing Me A Song of A Lad That Is Gone/m. S. Porterfield/w. R. L. Stevenson - Gaudeamus Igitur/Traditional German Melody/arr. M. Bartholomew - The Heart I’ll Give/m: L. Farnell/w: R. Herrick - Old Dan Tucker/Traditional Folk Song/arr. J. Leavitt