2006 Midwest Clinic - Cardinal Carter Academy String Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 6766-MCD

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CHAMBER STRING ORCHESTRA JOLANTA HICKEY, CONDUCTOR Avatar/D. Spata - Aria and Allegro/A. Corelli/T. Myers - Flow Gently, Sweet Afton/C. Strommen - Jig from Hill Country Suite/M.L. Daniels - Wanting/S. J. Atwell - Aeolius/M. A. Fenske - Concerto Grosso No. II for Strings (I. Maestoso, II. Andante)/E. Bloch - Rhythm ‘N ‘Blues/S. H. Newbold - Scenes from Emerald Isle (She moved through the Fair, The Rakes of Kildare, The Green Fields of Erin)/arr. C. L. Gruselle - Danza Carnival/R. A. Stephan