2006 Midwest Clinic - Beverly Hills Intermediate Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 6762-MCD

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PENELOPE MEITZ, INTERIM DIRECTOR GARY GREEN, GEORGE M. LIVERMAN, BARBARA FEADS, TANNER LEDFORD, ROBERT GILLESPIE, GUEST CONDUCTORS III. Rondo from Pendleton Suite/M.L. Daniels - As Evening Falls/R. A. Svendsen - Quinto-Quarto Suite (II. Penticato, IV. Septarello)/M. J. Isaac - Hairy the Spider/J. Uhl - Faith’s Waltz/B. Cerulli - Round Dance from the Ballet The Firebird/I. Stravinsky/L. Keiser - I. Allegro from Violin Concerto in D Major/A. Vivaldi - I. Skating by Moonlight from Two Diversions/W. Hofeldt - Wonka’s Welcome Song/D. Elfman/B. Cerulli - West Side Story/L. Bernstein/J. Moss