2005 Midwest Clinic - Centennial High School String Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 6071-MCD

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YOUNG K. KIM, CONDUCTOR MICHAEL PALMER, JOSEPH KIRSCHNER, GUEST CONDUCTORS I. Adagio-Allegro from Concerto Grosso, Op.6, No.4 in D Major/Corelli - Irish Tune from County Derry/P. A. Grainger - Wiggle Room/E. Siennicki - Dreamer’s Farewell/R. Kerr - Batman Meets Bowman/F. Rodgers - Remembrance for Strings and Piano/S. Gibson - Concert Etude for Solo Trumpet and Strings/A. Goedike/D. Miller - Deep River/arr. C. L. Gruselle - I. Grave-Allegro from Sinfonia No. 9 in c minor/F. Mendelssohn