2009 Midwest Clinic Howard County High School G/T Orchestra-CD
Group Name
Album ID - 8538-MCD

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BENJAMIN DENNE, ROSEMARY LATHER, AND TIM REINHARDT, CONDUCTORS, TIM MCKAY, ASSISTANT CONDUCTOR Overture from Nabucco/G. Verdi - Concert Suite from The Dark Knight/H. Zimmer and J. N. Howard/arr. V. López - Prelude and Fugue/B. Balmages - II. Andante con moto from “Italian” Symphony No. 4/F. Mendelssohn - Radetzky March/J. Strauss/arr. R. Meyer - I. Be Glad Then, America from New England Triptych/W. Schuman - Dusk/S. Bryant - Rush/J. Leshnoff