2009 Midwest Clinic Tejeda Middle School Honor Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 8532-MCD

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AMY WILLIAMS, CONDUCTOR ANGIE CIMBALO & R. DAVID MCCUTCHAN, GUEST CONDUCTORS Excerpts from The Red Pony/A. Copland/arr. E. Morales - Entrance and March of the Guests from Tannhäuser/R. Wagner/arr. S. Dackow- Be Thou My Vision/Traditional/arr. R. S. Frost - March of the Mouse Battalion/C. L. Gruselle - Ear-igami/R. Meyer - The Haunted Carousel/S. H. Newbold - Ave Maria/G. Caccini/arr. J. E. Turner - ...of Comfort and Joy/G. Musella and S. S. Cruz - Theme and Variations on My Dreydel/Traditional/arr. G. Williams - Red Rhythmico/K. Mosier