2008 Texas Music Educators Assoc. (TMEA) Arlington All-City & Mitchell Intermediate-CD
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Album ID - 7435-MCD

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RLINGTON ALL-CITY BOYS AND GIRLS CHOIR BARBARA KEATON, SUSAN MALONE, CO-DIRECTORS Welcome One and Welcome All/A. Snyder - The Silence and the Song/M. Patterson - Little Firefly/L. E. Schultz - Hopi, Hop from Deux Poules Francaises (Two French Hens)/S. Donahue - Kyrie/G. Gilpin - We Will/J. Papoulis - Ja-Da, Ja-Da, Jing Jing Jing/arr. G. Gilpin MITCHELL INTERMEDIATE HONOR CHOIR CONNIE HORTON & CYNDIE LOWRY, DIRECTORS Cantate Hodie!/M. L. Lightfoot - Faywood School Songs (I. Stars, III. Winds)/L. Kuzmenko - Think On Me/A. Scott/arr. G. Gilpin - Under the Calico Tree/D. Thompson - Life Has Loveliness/M. Patterson - The Kalanta of the New Year/M. Dalglish