2008 Texas Music Educators Association TMEA Booker T. Washington Choir & James Madison Women-CD
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Album ID - 7430-MCD

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BOOKER T. WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL TREBLE VARSITY CHOIR GLORIA J. STEPHENS, DIRECTOR I Thank You God/w: e.e. cummings/m: G. Walke - Le Fede/G. Rossini - A Child Said/w: W. Whitman/m: J. McCray - O Sapo/arr. S. Hatfield - The Kiss/w: E. Dickinson/m: T. Council - Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel? /arr. J. A. King JAMES MADISON HIGH SCHOOL CHORALE WOMEN EDIE COOKSEY & MICHAEL MURPHY, DIRECTORS Cantate Domino/T. Bell - O Sacrum Convivium/D. M. Dicie - The Curlew’s Song/arr. P. Carey - Dicen que me case yo/D. Montoya - Ouvre ton Coeur/arr. T. Biddlecomb - I Will Never Leave You from Side Show/arr. M. Huff