2007 Midwest Clinic - Highland High School Symphonic Strings-CD
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Album ID - 7305-MCD

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WILLIAM BITTER, CONDUCTOR, AMY BENNETT, ASSISTANT CONDUCTOR I. Praelude from Aus Holberg’s Zeit, Op. 40/E. Grieg - Overture to Alexander Balus/G. F. Handel/P. Clark - On a Hymnsong of P. Bliss/D. Holsinger - Revelation’s Edge/A. Safford - III. Elegie from Serenade for Strings, Op. 48/ P. I. Tchaikovsky - Two Daughters/A. Lee Silva - Ghosts of Brandenburg/R. Meyer - Lullaby for Nicholas/B. Cerulli - Orange Jam/J. S. Bishop - II. Allegro molto vivace from Symphony No. 6, Op. 38, Spirituelle/A. Hamerik - VI. Wassail Song from Suite of Carols/L. Anderson