2004 Midwest Clinic - Hightower Trail Middle School 8th Grade Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 5406-MCD

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SUSAN H. BROWN, CONDUCTOR SANDRA DACKOW, CHRISTOPHER REX, GUEST CONDUCTORS Vanguard Overture/R. Stephan - Lemon Twist/D. Spata - Evening Prayer/E. Humperdinck/E. Del Borgo - Concerto in G Major (First Movement)/A. Vivaldi/T. LaJoie - Ships of Ireland/S. H. Newbold - Themes from Waltz of the Flowers/P. Tschaikovsky/J. Caponegro - Kassation in D Major, K. 100 (62a)/W. Mozart/S. Dackow - Jericho/D. Shaffer - Golden Fields/A. L. Silva - Tap Roots/R.W. Smith