2004 Midwest Clinic - Youth Performing Arts School Chamber String Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 5402-MCD

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LYNDON LAWLESS, TEACHER, FREDERICK SPECK, GUEST CONDUCTOR II. Air from Suite No. 3 in D/J. S. Bach - Tango Concertante/F. Speck - Rhythm Sessions for String Orchestra (III. Rhythm Antics, VII. Mississippi Hot Dog Agony, IV. Valse Incredeeble, VI. Survival of the Fittest)/L. & F. Gearhart - Reverie/S. H. Day - Rhythm Sessions (IX. Suite Land of Liberty, I. Terra Cognita, II. Terra Cognate, III. Terror Cognita!, IV. Terra My Hair Out!, V. Terra Incognito (Go for Baroque!), XIII. Malagueña)/L. & F. Gearhart - Swing on a String/M. Norgaard - The Enchanted Garden from Mother Goose Suite/M.Ravel/M. Hopkins - Serenade in Four Movements (I. Vivace, II. Andantino, IV. Lento)/L. Berkeley - III. Allegro assai from Divertimento/B. Bartók