2004 Midwest Clinic - John Foster Dulles HS Symphony Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 5400-MCD

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MICHAEL ALAN ISADORE AND JOE PRUITT, CONDUCTORS BILL DUGGAN, DAVID T. ISADORE, MATTHEW MILNER, GUEST CONDUCTORS Slavonic Dance, Op. 46, No. 8/A. Dvorák - Love Duet from the Opera Merry Mount/H. Hanson - Crossing Pirates’ Cove/D. B. Monday - Contraption/B. McBrien - Sorcerer's Apprentice/P. Dukas/A. Balent - Waltz of the Wicked/K. Mosier - Kabalevsky Suite (I. Escapade, II. Rondo, III. Song of the Cavalry)/D. Kabalevsky/G. Hull - I. Moderato: Con Brio from Tales of a Traveler/J. P. Sousa/E. Rogers - Introduction and Tarantella, Op. 43/P. de Sarasate - A Quiet Rain/W. Cummings - La Procession du Rocio/J.Turina