2004 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) All-State HS SYMPHONY, PHILHARMONIC & STRING ORCH.
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Album ID - 5020-MCD

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SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA JAMES PAUL, CONDUCTOR The Star Spangled Banner/F. S. Key - Overture To The School For Scandal/S. Barber - Symphony No. 6, Opus 53 (I. Largo, II. Allegro, III. Presto)/D. Shostakovich PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA TIMOTHY RUSSELL, CONDUCTOR The Star Spangled Banner/F. Scott Key - Overture To Nabucco/G. Verdi - Love Duet From Merry Mount/H. Hanson - The Pines Of Rome (I. Pines of the Villa Borghese, II. Pines Near a Catacomb, III. Pines of the Janiculum, IV. Pines of the Appian Way)/O. Respighi STRING ORCHESTRA JAMES KJELLAND, CONDUCTOR The Star Spangled Banner/F. S. Key - Serenade For. Strings, Op. 20 (I. Allegro piacevole, II. Larghetto, III. Allegretto)/E. Elgar - Concerto In D Major (I. Allegro Giusto, II. Largo, III. Allegro)/A. Vivaldi/arr. K. B. Moore - Sospiri, Op. 70/E. Elgar - Molly On The Shore/P. Grainger