2002 Midwest Clinic - Sartartia Middle School Symphony Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 4337-MCD

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ANN VICTOR & JAMES DREW, CONDUCTORS Teleman Sinfonia/G. P. Telemann/arr. R. Brown - All is Calm/R. W. Smith - Mantras/R. Meyer - Villanella from Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite No. 1/O. Respighi - Clash & Roar/L.Clark - Pastorale and Hymn Dorabet/V. Leidig/L. Neihaus - String Explosion/F. Rodgers - Devil or Angels American Medley for Solo Violin & Orchestra/D. Kerr/adpt. C. Plohman - Finale from New World Symphony/A. Dvorák/arr. R. Meyer