2002 Midwest Clinic - Shackelford Junior HS Symphony Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 4332-MCD

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JO LERUE TODD, CONDUCTOR KATHERINE BORREGO-PATTERSON, ASSISTANT CONDUCTOR Tallis Canon and Variations/T. Tallis/arr. J. Caponegro - Fiesta (I. Poll Perica, II. Rio, Rio, III. Sambalele, IV. Mi Chacra)/L. Conley - Name Those Tunes/J. Edmonson/arr. S. S. Mullins - Partita (I. Allegro, II. Affettuoso, III. Presto)/G. P. Telemann/arr. T. Fritz - Wedding at Kronewirth from Rhineland Musical Scenes/W. J. Halen - Slavonic Dance Op. 46, No. 1/A. Dvorák/arr. R. McCashin - Tanzun/J. E.Galliard/K. Fishburn/V. Luman - And the Glory of the Lord from The Messiah/G. F. Handel/arr. M. Bender - Declarations /J. Bishop - Jane and Josey/Folk Tunes/arr. C. L. Gruselle - Rockin’ Jammin’ Swingin’/S. H. Newbold - The Dance of Iscariot/K. N. Mosier