2001 Midwest Clinic - Mountain View High School Chamber Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 4009-MCD

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WALTER TEMME, CONDUCTOR; JOHN CLINTON, GUEST CONDUCTOR III. Finale from Symphony No.17 In G Major, K. 129/W. A. Mozart/S. Dackow - Mission Song/D. Gazda - Concertino for Tuba and String Orchestra (I. Moderato, II. Lento, III. Allegro)/A. Frackenpohl/R.King/Presser - Sandpaper Serenade/D. Haney - V in B flat (I. Allegro vivace, II. Andante, III. Presto)/F. Mendelssohn - Final Quest/D. Chisham - The Tempest/A.. Crandell - V. Finale: Allegro vivace from Serenade for Strings/A. Dvorak