2001 Midwest Clinic - Lassiter High School Symphony Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 4005-MCD

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CAROL DOEMEL, CONDUCTOR ALFRED WATKINS, LT COL TONY CASON, & SUE TROMBLEE, GUEST CONDUCTORS I. Prelude from Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra/E. Bloch - Dark Adventure/R. Ford - Camp Meeting/D.Gustafson - V. Leidig from Austrian Peasant Dance/G. Mahler - Ol’ Man River/J. Kern/B. Cerulli - Sleigh Ride - German Dance/W. A. Mozart/S. Dackow - Amazing Grace/Traditional/C. Sayre - I. Allegro Molto Appassionato from Concerto in E Minor/F. Mendelssohn - IV. Tango de Teri from The Cafe Suite/C.McMichael - Hatikvah, The Hope/E. Del Borgo