2001 Midwest Clinic - The Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic-CD
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Album ID - 4003-MCD

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BOB PHILLIPS, DIRECTOR, BEN CULVER, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR ERIN HANSEN, FIDDLE CLUB DIRECTOR Blackberry Blossom/Traditional/B. Phillips/B. Culver - Vladimir’s Steamboat/J. Ungar - Big Mon/B. Monroe - Used to Be/B. Monroe - Sweet Georgia Brown/B. Bernie/K. Casey Sr./M. Pinkard - Hard Times Come Again No More/S. Foster - Peeking Pup/Traditional - Big John McNeil/Traditional - Farewell Set (Farewell March/W. Marshall - Charlie Hardie Reel/J. S. Skinner - Frank Gilruth Reel/P. Milne - McArthur Road Reel/D. Richardson)/arr. G. Sampson - Olympic Reel/M. O’Connor - Bowl of Bula/M. O’Connor - Orange Blossom Special/E. T. Rouse - Happy Trails To You/D.Evans