1999 Midwest Clinic - Vandercook College Band
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Album ID - 3249-MCD

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CHARLES T. MENGHINI, DIRECTOR Festival Sinfonia/R. Barrett-Overture for Winds/C. Carter-Russian Liturgy fron The Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (O Praise the Lord, To Thee We Sing, O Thou Holy)/S. Rachmaninoff/arr. K. Singleton-Millenium Bugs/L. Taylor-Songs of Heritage/C. Williams-Two Colonial Sketches (Chester, Yankee Doodle Drummer)/arr. John/O’Reilly-Chester Leaps In/S. Bryant-River’s Bend March/B. Pearson-Riverdance (Riverdance Finale)/B. Whelan/arr. C. Strommen- Pageant/V. Perischetti -VanderCook Polka/H.A. VanderCook/arr. A. Balent -Old American Country Set (Blarneying Lilt, Meeting House, Collallye)/H. Cowell/arr. J. Worman-Chicago Tribune March/W.P. Chambers/ed. J. Boyd-Four Temperaments (Variations for Tuba)/M. Brand-The World is Waiting for the Sunrise/Lockhart-Seitz/arr. H.L. Alford