1999 Midwest Clinic - Harrison H.S. Wind Ensemble
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Album ID - 3248-MCD

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SCOTT A. WEISS, CONDUCTOR , Entry march of the boyars, Op. 17/J. Halvorsen/ed. F. Fennell - An Irish Farewell/L. Daehn - Javelin/M. Torke/trans. M. Patterson - May Dance/T. O’Connor - Steppin’ ‘Round/A. Anderson/arr. C. McClaren - A Light Unto the Darkness/D.R. Gillingham - A Thanksgiving Hymn/F.J. Allen - Excursions for Trumpet and Band/B. Boughton - Stardust/H. Charmichael - Whip and Spur/T.S.Allen/arr. R.E. Cramer