1999 Midwest Clinic - L. D. Bell High School Symphonic Band
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Album ID - 3242-MCD

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JOSEPH GRZYBOWSKI, DIRECTOR; , Early Light. C. Bremer - African Festival/arr. Q. Hilliard/C. Elledge/B. Pearson - Fugue in Bb/J.S. Bach/arr. L. Daehn - Prayer of Saint Gregory/A. Hovhaness - A Quiet Place to Think/T. Mahr - Ku-Ka-Ilimoku/C. Rouse - Concerto in C Major for Piccolo and Band (Lagro, Allegro Molto)/A. Vivaldi/A. Reed - Vesuvius/F. Ticheli - New Century Dawn/D. Gillingham - Circus Days March/K.L. King/arr. L Schissel