2000 Midwest Clinic - City High School Symphony Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 3229-MCD

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CANDACE WIEBENER, CONDUCTOR Overture to “Oberon”/C. Maria von Weber - It’s Grieg to Me (I. Morning, II. Norwegian Dance)/E. Grieg/R.Frost - Fantasy on a Hymn Tune/J. Morgan/T. Canning - Okeanos/J. Bullock - Allegretto from “12 Little Pieces”/J. Haydn/M. Conley - American Pioneer Suite (I. Blackwater Two-Step/W. Halen - Variations on a Shaker Melody from “Applachian Spring”/A. Copland - The Young Prince and Princess/N. Rimsky-Korsakov/L. Hopkins - The Ascension/R.W. Smith